AboutMainStreetGuymonToday, Guymon has a population of an estimated 14,000 people. It is in the center of what was once called “No Man’s Land”. This area started out with ranching and farming and continues so today.

Irrigated farming grew rapidly after the discovery of the Ogalala Aquifer and the natural gas reserves. The abundance of feed grains prompted the development of the feedlots and then the beef processing plants.

Today Guymon has added pork production to its many agriculture pursuits. Guymon is home to a pork processing plant, which processes 16,000 hogs per day. The past 20 years has seen very rapid growth in the business community, with the addition of this plant and other businesses. Change often is what signals growth, and Guymon has both growth and change. But what you see today is a healthy town with a very young population (according to the last census Texas County has the largest percentage of population in the state of preschool children). The future is bright for this town and its citizens, both those who have been here for many generations and for those who are putting down new roots in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

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